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Michele Ortiz - Licensed Massage Therapist
Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue:  A type of massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of muscle and fascia, called connective tissue. A lot of the same movements as in Swedish but slower, more focused and more pressure.  It shouldn't hurt too much, but is a bit more uncomfortable (the "good" hurt) as we are working to release chronic muscle tension and adhesions due to repetitive motion, past injury or misalignment.

A lot of people ask for more pressure thinking if we go harder it can get rid of all the knots in one session. This simply will not happen, nor is it healthy do so.  Undoing chronic tension built up over extended periods of time is achieved by coming up with an integrated plan that includes regular massage, and "homework" such as exercises that work on the underlying cause, like your ways of moving, working and posture.

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